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    Presentation, lecture & discussion in the STEDELIJK MUSEUM on Thursday evening May 8th, in honor of 55 years of AGA. Keynote speaker is Evert Ypma. He will talk about image in a drastically changing multicultural society, in which traditional as well as modern digital techniques are used. With a musical ode from Han Bennink to […]


    AGA travels to Japan to take part in the International Mokuhanga Conference from September 12th to 15th 2014. The AGA will join the Side Program Internation and Interpretation, where directors of graphic studios and Artist in Residencies can exchange ideas about about co-operation and collaboration. The main program of the Mokuhanga conference focuses on the […]

  • NEW WORKSHOP ANIMATION – introduction to time-based graphics

    NEW WORKSHOP ANIMATION – introduction to time-based graphics

    Have you ever thought about turning your graphic work into an animation-production? This gives you the possibility; the AGA offers an introductory workshop where you will learn the necessary skills and equipment to use the elements of time and movement in your work. If there is sufficient interest we will organize the introductory workshop in […]

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